Preparing for your Bridal Makeup Trial

Bridal Makeup Trial_Aesthetics By Jena

You’ve finally found the ONE! And by the one, I mean the makeup artist for your wedding day. Hopefully through thorough research, referrals, and reviews, you’ve determined that your makeup artist will be able to give you the exact look you are going for and more! Here is how you can best prepare yourself for your bridal makeup trial (which I highly encourage!):

1. Before I move on, I must stress the importance of having an actual trial. This will ensure you and your makeup artist are on the same page and they are fully prepared to give you your ultimate look for your actual wedding day. Personally, I require my brides to have a trial. I want to ensure she is 100% satisfied, and so I am fully able to deliver the look she is going for on the biggest day of her life.

There are also some instances where a bride may think she wants a certain look but then after having a trial, later determines she would prefer something different. For example, maybe she is thinking she wants an old hollywood glam vibe, but in reality, doesn’t love red lips on herself and would actually prefer a heavier eyeliner. Bottom line, a trial should be scheduled.

2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Coming prepared to your trial with ideas of inspiration for your big day is so helpful. Not only does it give your makeup artist an understanding of the look you are trying to achieve, but it will help you and your makeup artist speak the same language so to speak. Without this visual, the word “dewy” to you may mean a lot of highlighting, where as to a makeup artist this could mean, an overall glow to the skin versus a matte look. Or maybe “smokey” to you means, greys and silvers across the entire lid of your eye, where as to a makeup artist, this could mean that also, but additionally a lot of shadow on the bottom of your eye too.

Pictures also sets the expectation for your makeup artist. A professional makeup artist should be able to achieve many different bridal looks and pictures will help him or her best do so. On that note, your makeup artist should be able to give you realistic expectations based upon the pictures you bring in. A pore-less supermodel bride can be a perfect picture for the bride to bring it for inspiration, however it is extremely important that your makeup artist can explain to you that how your wedding pictures turn out is of course based upon your professional makeup, but additionally your photographers skill set as well. I have worked countless weddings and have been grateful enough to see my work come to life in photography. Unfortunately not all photography is created equal. If post editing work is important to you, please have this conversation up front with your photographers. Not only that, but the quality of your pictures will primarily be based upon your photographers skill set, the quality of camera, lighting and so much more!

3. If possible, come with a freshly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized face. Fortunately, I am also an aesthetician, and have access for my clients to cleanse their skin if needed. However, your makeup artist may not have this ability and nothing is worse than having your makeup done, and the skin immediately feels heavy and oily because it was not cleansed properly.

4. Ensure your facial waxing ( ie: brow and lip) has been done approximately a week prior. If you do it the day of or the day before for example, sometimes, the makeup will not stick well to the waxed areas because the skin is almost too silky. Also, when you are freshly waxed it will give you a better idea as to what you will look like for the actual day of your wedding.

5. If you are wanting to bring your besties with you to your trial, ask your makeup artist how big their studio space is. Some makeup artists may work out of a tiny space where they can only accommodate one additional guest. My workspace can accommodate 2 additional guests comfortably.

Hopefully this small checklist will better prepare you for your bridal makeup trial. This experience should be fun, inspiring, and professional. Good luck!

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