Mother of the Bride Makeup Tips

 AFTERS of our client, mother of the bride (taken on iphone camera/no filters or edits)





I am always so grateful when clients are happy to do a before and after. This momma was a true beauty inside and out. Although her beauty is apparent on the outside, what was even more radiant was her huge heart and this is where actual true beauty begins.

I’ve always felt that mother of the bride makeup is almost equally as important as the bride (but I guess no one is quite as important as the bride on the day of her wedding: winky face) and that all of those wonderful mommas out there deserve to be pampered and be able to take in the moment with a professional and relaxing makeup application. Now being a mom myself, I get teary just thinking about getting my baby girl ready for her wedding day.

My heart is so full when I see the love between a mom and her daughter on a bride’s wedding day, and if I can share any advice to make that momma feel extra special,I would love to do so!

Mothers of the brides, here are my top 5 tips for your makeup to look radiant on your daughter’s wedding day: 

1. Get a brow and lip wax approx. 3-5 days before the wedding day. Ensure that you visit a licensed and seasoned skin care professional to have this done. If you have not ever been waxed before, try it out ahead of time to ensure you are pleased with the results.

2. Receive a dermaplaning facial approx. 3-5 day before the wedding. Again, ensure that you visit a licensed and seasoned skin care professional to have this done. If you have not had a facial or this type of treatment before, do you your research on recommended professionals in your area. I also suggest, doing a series of skin care treatments leading up to the big day if this is financially feasible.

3. Hire a professional makeup artist who you trust (see previous blog posts on how to select a makeup artist). You may even opt to do a trial run prior which is completely appropriate and understandable if you are nervous about having your makeup done.

4. Less is not always more. It is all about the skillful application of the makeup artist. If you are unable to hire a makeup artist, check out some YouTube tutorials or pins on Pinterest. You want to feel like you, but the more glamorous version of you, and in order to achieve this, makeup application technique is critical. “Mature” celebrities don’t look 10 years younger just because. They look more youthful because they have a good amount of makeup up (a lot on actually) but because it is applied correctly, it doesn’t necessarily look as though they do.

5. Wear lashes! Sometimes, mommas get intimidated by this. Whether it be because they think they will look silly, they have never worn them before, or whatever the case may be, trust me you will LOVE them. Again, the correct ones need to be chosen and application is critical. If you are unable to hire a makeup artist, practice practice practice applying them, on more than once occasion. Lash application is a skill and there is a fine line between lashes looking amazing and looking pretty bad.

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