What I’ve learned this Spring Wedding Season


Out of the 18 weddings I was honored to have done makeup for this spring wedding season, there is one main lesson I’ve learned:                          There is a lot of love in the world… and I mean A LOT.

Often I scroll through my facebook feed and find myself discouraged by terribly sad news, reports of abuse, robberies, complaints, the list goes on. There are not enough posts about all the good and love in this world. I challenge everyone to focus on more positive posts and let those posts be the ones that flourish and go viral. So here is my contribution, my biggest take away after being included in so many weddings… There is ALOT of love in this world and again, I mean A LOT.

I am in a very unique position getting to be included in a bride’s wedding day- a position that most people never will be apart of time and time again. I get to see the embrace of a mother massaging her daughter’s back, the tears from a bride reading a love note from her soon to be husband, the father of the bride bringing his baby girl and her friends food and him hugging her without getting choked up and telling her how much he loves her, bridesmaids laughing over inside jokes from years past… SO.MUCH.LOVE. Genuine love.

It inspires me, it encourages me…seriously, what a blessing to see. I leave each wedding with such gratitude and a sense of renewed energy. I get to witness the vulnerability and beauty of how powerful love truly is in the most intimate setting as the bride and her closest entourage get ready. In a world where people can dwell and let negativity manifest and question love, I can assure you it is there. It is also extremely interesting getting to see this all unfold in front of me each wedding that I do with basically complete strangers. Of course I have met the bride once for her makeup trial, but other than this, I usually know no one. I don’t know their history, their heartaches, their life’s experiences, and here I am on what is most bride’s most important day of their lives, getting to see how much love there is in this world. It is such a blessing. Such a beautiful reminder of how much love there really is out there.


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