Before and After Makeup from my iphone

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I swear I have the most gorgeous clients! Here are some recent before and after photos I took from my iphone – no editing, no filters, just good clean iphone camera! I think it is important for clients to see the beauty and the simplicity of a good selfie via my iphone photography skills (haha), but in all seriousness, as a perspective client seeking a makeup artist for your wedding day, here it is easy to see the differences and how makeup plays a critical role in the outcome of not only an iphone photo but more importantly a professional photo. Not only that, but if you have only seen the edited work of a makeup artist through the eyes of professional photos only, it can sometimes be challenging to see the true close up work of that makeup artist. So that is why I felt it important for you to see a few images taken from my iphone so you can actually see why hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is so important. I am so grateful for my stunning clients and thank them for allowing me to take a few before and afters. They are so beautiful both ways and most importantly so stunning on the inside!

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