when to do botox and facials before your wedding day

I’m often asked, “when is the best time to start my facial treatments (peels, dermaplaning, microneedling, etc) before my wedding day? Not only that, but “if I am interested in any type of injectables or fillers, how do I time those as well (Botox, Kybella, Voluma, etc)?” 
As a licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician, I have mapped out the ideal facial treatment timeline (also known as my Bridal Bootcamp). 
I am however not an aesthetic nurse injector so I reached out to my trusted fellow peer Annie Bruno, RN aesthetic injection specialist for her recommendations on medical injectables and how they may best fit into a timeline for a brides wedding day. 
When facial treatments and aesthetic medicine are done synergistically with one another by qualified professionals, you will maximize your skin care results. One can of course be done without the other so identifying your goals prior to mapping out a plan will help you determine what treatments will best meet your needs. 
I do however always say, if you are going to opt for injectables, facial treatments are also a must in my opinion! But injectables are not always a must if you only want facial treatments. The reason: you can always change the stuffing of an old couch to make it more smooth and full, but if you leave the old fabric on the couch, it will still look old; you can always get Botox to smooth out the fine lines, but if that actual skin is not being treated by improving its texture, tone and luminosity, it will still look lack luster and not as youthful as it could, therefore never maximizing your results.
Please keep in mind our recommendations may not be for everyone depending upon your medical history so always consult your doctor when considering any type of medical aesthetic treatment plan.
Mapping out your skin care treatment timeline for your wedding day, may seem overwhelming, so I hope this can help guide you before your special day!
Annie suggests the following “ideal” bridal timeline when considering injectables and fillers. Most importantly, this timeline considers your safety. If you are unable to start this timeline a year prior to your wedding, there may still be a range of options for you that can be discussed with your injection specialist.
First injectables treatment or consultation:
1 year prior to wedding
Follow up: 3 months post treatment for evaluation and modifications/re-treatment if necessary
Last treatment: No sooner than 1 month before wedding
First filler treatment or consultation:
1 year prior to wedding for assessment, evaluation, consultation, and possible treatment
Follow up: 6 months post treatment (retreatment only if necessary)
Last treatment: No sooner than 1 month before wedding
As far as facial treatments, I too would love to start seeing you 1 year prior to your wedding, however this is not necessary. If I am only able to start treating you even 3 months prior to your wedding, we can achieve amazing results in this short time frame.
My Bridal Bootcamp includes 4 customized facial treatments that can be completed 3-4 months prior to your wedding date, the last treatment generally being the week of your wedding, and the other 3 services going backwards from that point and being scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks apart from one another.
I also offer a Microneedling Bridal Bootcamp that includes 3 treatments, spaced ideally 6 weeks apart from one another, and the last treatment approximately 3-4 weeks before your actual wedding. An additional option would be to add on a final brightening and hydrating facial the week of your actual wedding.
Please keep in mind that if you are doing injectables as well as facial treatments, that you have instructions from your injector as to when you are able to receive a facial treatment. Generally, 2-3 weeks following injectables, many types of facial treatments can be done. It is critical that you are informing both your aesthetician and injection specialist of what you are doing with both professionals so everyone is on the same page.
So let’s organize our thoughts here with a recap!…
1. Determine if you want facial treatments only or if you feel you want to integrate injectables as well based upon your concerns and goals.
1a. If you are choosing the facial treatment only plan, try to start treatments atleast 3-4 months prior to your wedding.
1b. If you are wanting both facials and injectables, start preparing for your consultation appointments with an aesthetic injector 1 year prior to your wedding.
For more information on my Bridal Bootcamp, click HERE. Or call Jena Irby at 480.518.5463
For a consultation with Annie Bruno, RN injection specialist please call Dr. Hobgoods office at 480.214.9955. Tell them you are a friend/client of Jena Irby for a discount towards your first service.

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