when to do botox and facials before your wedding day

I’m often asked, “when is the best time to start my facial treatments (peels, dermaplaning, microneedling, etc) before my wedding day? Not only that, but “if I am interested in any type of injectables or fillers, how do I time those as well (Botox, Kybella, Voluma, etc)?” 
As a licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician, I have mapped out the ideal facial treatment timeline (also known as my Bridal Bootcamp). 
I am however not an aesthetic nurse injector so I reached out to my trusted fellow peer Annie Bruno, RN aesthetic injection specialist for her recommendations on medical injectables and how they may best fit into a timeline for a brides wedding day. 
When facial treatments and aesthetic medicine are done synergistically with one another by qualified professionals, you will maximize your skin care results. One can of course be done without the other so identifying your goals prior to mapping out a plan will help you determine what treatments will best meet your needs. 
I do however always say, if you are going to opt for injectables, facial treatments are also a must in my opinion! But injectables are not always a must if you only want facial treatments. The reason: you can always change the stuffing of an old couch to make it more smooth and full, but if you leave the old fabric on the couch, it will still look old; you can always get Botox to smooth out the fine lines, but if that actual skin is not being treated by improving its texture, tone and luminosity, it will still look lack luster and not as youthful as it could, therefore never maximizing your results.
Please keep in mind our recommendations may not be for everyone depending upon your medical history so always consult your doctor when considering any type of medical aesthetic treatment plan.
Mapping out your skin care treatment timeline for your wedding day, may seem overwhelming, so I hope this can help guide you before your special day!
Annie suggests the following “ideal” bridal timeline when considering injectables and fillers. Most importantly, this timeline considers your safety. If you are unable to start this timeline a year prior to your wedding, there may still be a range of options for you that can be discussed with your injection specialist.
First injectables treatment or consultation:
1 year prior to wedding
Follow up: 3 months post treatment for evaluation and modifications/re-treatment if necessary
Last treatment: No sooner than 1 month before wedding
First filler treatment or consultation:
1 year prior to wedding for assessment, evaluation, consultation, and possible treatment
Follow up: 6 months post treatment (retreatment only if necessary)
Last treatment: No sooner than 1 month before wedding
As far as facial treatments, I too would love to start seeing you 1 year prior to your wedding, however this is not necessary. If I am only able to start treating you even 3 months prior to your wedding, we can achieve amazing results in this short time frame.
My Bridal Bootcamp includes 4 customized facial treatments that can be completed 3-4 months prior to your wedding date, the last treatment generally being the week of your wedding, and the other 3 services going backwards from that point and being scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks apart from one another.
I also offer a Microneedling Bridal Bootcamp that includes 3 treatments, spaced ideally 6 weeks apart from one another, and the last treatment approximately 3-4 weeks before your actual wedding. An additional option would be to add on a final brightening and hydrating facial the week of your actual wedding.
Please keep in mind that if you are doing injectables as well as facial treatments, that you have instructions from your injector as to when you are able to receive a facial treatment. Generally, 2-3 weeks following injectables, many types of facial treatments can be done. It is critical that you are informing both your aesthetician and injection specialist of what you are doing with both professionals so everyone is on the same page.
So let’s organize our thoughts here with a recap!…
1. Determine if you want facial treatments only or if you feel you want to integrate injectables as well based upon your concerns and goals.
1a. If you are choosing the facial treatment only plan, try to start treatments atleast 3-4 months prior to your wedding.
1b. If you are wanting both facials and injectables, start preparing for your consultation appointments with an aesthetic injector 1 year prior to your wedding.
For more information on my Bridal Bootcamp, click HERE. Or call Jena Irby at 480.518.5463
For a consultation with Annie Bruno, RN injection specialist please call Dr. Hobgoods office at 480.214.9955. Tell them you are a friend/client of Jena Irby for a discount towards your first service.

Jena Irby Nominated for Best Wedding Makeup Artist by Arizona Foothills Magazine


Thank you so much Arizona Foothills Magazine for my 2017 Best of our Valley Wedding Makeup Artist nomination!

I am beyond grateful for my loyal skin care and bridal makeup clients whose special day I get the privilege to be apart of.

I would love your continued support by voting for Jena Irby Best of our Valley Wedding Makeup Artist.

You can vote HERE.

(Photography Credit: Amy and Jordan Photography)

Before and After Makeup from my iphone

IMG_2618 IMG_2515 IMG_2619 IMG_2611 IMG_2364 IMG_2444

I swear I have the most gorgeous clients! Here are some recent before and after photos I took from my iphone – no editing, no filters, just good clean iphone camera! I think it is important for clients to see the beauty and the simplicity of a good selfie via my iphone photography skills (haha), but in all seriousness, as a perspective client seeking a makeup artist for your wedding day, here it is easy to see the differences and how makeup plays a critical role in the outcome of not only an iphone photo but more importantly a professional photo. Not only that, but if you have only seen the edited work of a makeup artist through the eyes of professional photos only, it can sometimes be challenging to see the true close up work of that makeup artist. So that is why I felt it important for you to see a few images taken from my iphone so you can actually see why hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is so important. I am so grateful for my stunning clients and thank them for allowing me to take a few before and afters. They are so beautiful both ways and most importantly so stunning on the inside!

What I’ve learned this Spring Wedding Season


Out of the 18 weddings I was honored to have done makeup for this spring wedding season, there is one main lesson I’ve learned:                          There is a lot of love in the world… and I mean A LOT.

Often I scroll through my facebook feed and find myself discouraged by terribly sad news, reports of abuse, robberies, complaints, the list goes on. There are not enough posts about all the good and love in this world. I challenge everyone to focus on more positive posts and let those posts be the ones that flourish and go viral. So here is my contribution, my biggest take away after being included in so many weddings… There is ALOT of love in this world and again, I mean A LOT.

I am in a very unique position getting to be included in a bride’s wedding day- a position that most people never will be apart of time and time again. I get to see the embrace of a mother massaging her daughter’s back, the tears from a bride reading a love note from her soon to be husband, the father of the bride bringing his baby girl and her friends food and him hugging her without getting choked up and telling her how much he loves her, bridesmaids laughing over inside jokes from years past… SO.MUCH.LOVE. Genuine love.

It inspires me, it encourages me…seriously, what a blessing to see. I leave each wedding with such gratitude and a sense of renewed energy. I get to witness the vulnerability and beauty of how powerful love truly is in the most intimate setting as the bride and her closest entourage get ready. In a world where people can dwell and let negativity manifest and question love, I can assure you it is there. It is also extremely interesting getting to see this all unfold in front of me each wedding that I do with basically complete strangers. Of course I have met the bride once for her makeup trial, but other than this, I usually know no one. I don’t know their history, their heartaches, their life’s experiences, and here I am on what is most bride’s most important day of their lives, getting to see how much love there is in this world. It is such a blessing. Such a beautiful reminder of how much love there really is out there.


Mother of the Bride Makeup Tips

 AFTERS of our client, mother of the bride (taken on iphone camera/no filters or edits)





I am always so grateful when clients are happy to do a before and after. This momma was a true beauty inside and out. Although her beauty is apparent on the outside, what was even more radiant was her huge heart and this is where actual true beauty begins.

I’ve always felt that mother of the bride makeup is almost equally as important as the bride (but I guess no one is quite as important as the bride on the day of her wedding: winky face) and that all of those wonderful mommas out there deserve to be pampered and be able to take in the moment with a professional and relaxing makeup application. Now being a mom myself, I get teary just thinking about getting my baby girl ready for her wedding day.

My heart is so full when I see the love between a mom and her daughter on a bride’s wedding day, and if I can share any advice to make that momma feel extra special,I would love to do so!

Mothers of the brides, here are my top 5 tips for your makeup to look radiant on your daughter’s wedding day: 

1. Get a brow and lip wax approx. 3-5 days before the wedding day. Ensure that you visit a licensed and seasoned skin care professional to have this done. If you have not ever been waxed before, try it out ahead of time to ensure you are pleased with the results.

2. Receive a dermaplaning facial approx. 3-5 day before the wedding. Again, ensure that you visit a licensed and seasoned skin care professional to have this done. If you have not had a facial or this type of treatment before, do you your research on recommended professionals in your area. I also suggest, doing a series of skin care treatments leading up to the big day if this is financially feasible.

3. Hire a professional makeup artist who you trust (see previous blog posts on how to select a makeup artist). You may even opt to do a trial run prior which is completely appropriate and understandable if you are nervous about having your makeup done.

4. Less is not always more. It is all about the skillful application of the makeup artist. If you are unable to hire a makeup artist, check out some YouTube tutorials or pins on Pinterest. You want to feel like you, but the more glamorous version of you, and in order to achieve this, makeup application technique is critical. “Mature” celebrities don’t look 10 years younger just because. They look more youthful because they have a good amount of makeup up (a lot on actually) but because it is applied correctly, it doesn’t necessarily look as though they do.

5. Wear lashes! Sometimes, mommas get intimidated by this. Whether it be because they think they will look silly, they have never worn them before, or whatever the case may be, trust me you will LOVE them. Again, the correct ones need to be chosen and application is critical. If you are unable to hire a makeup artist, practice practice practice applying them, on more than once occasion. Lash application is a skill and there is a fine line between lashes looking amazing and looking pretty bad.

Preparing for your Bridal Makeup Trial

Bridal Makeup Trial_Aesthetics By Jena

You’ve finally found the ONE! And by the one, I mean the makeup artist for your wedding day. Hopefully through thorough research, referrals, and reviews, you’ve determined that your makeup artist will be able to give you the exact look you are going for and more! Here is how you can best prepare yourself for your bridal makeup trial (which I highly encourage!):

1. Before I move on, I must stress the importance of having an actual trial. This will ensure you and your makeup artist are on the same page and they are fully prepared to give you your ultimate look for your actual wedding day. Personally, I require my brides to have a trial. I want to ensure she is 100% satisfied, and so I am fully able to deliver the look she is going for on the biggest day of her life.

There are also some instances where a bride may think she wants a certain look but then after having a trial, later determines she would prefer something different. For example, maybe she is thinking she wants an old hollywood glam vibe, but in reality, doesn’t love red lips on herself and would actually prefer a heavier eyeliner. Bottom line, a trial should be scheduled.

2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Coming prepared to your trial with ideas of inspiration for your big day is so helpful. Not only does it give your makeup artist an understanding of the look you are trying to achieve, but it will help you and your makeup artist speak the same language so to speak. Without this visual, the word “dewy” to you may mean a lot of highlighting, where as to a makeup artist this could mean, an overall glow to the skin versus a matte look. Or maybe “smokey” to you means, greys and silvers across the entire lid of your eye, where as to a makeup artist, this could mean that also, but additionally a lot of shadow on the bottom of your eye too.

Pictures also sets the expectation for your makeup artist. A professional makeup artist should be able to achieve many different bridal looks and pictures will help him or her best do so. On that note, your makeup artist should be able to give you realistic expectations based upon the pictures you bring in. A pore-less supermodel bride can be a perfect picture for the bride to bring it for inspiration, however it is extremely important that your makeup artist can explain to you that how your wedding pictures turn out is of course based upon your professional makeup, but additionally your photographers skill set as well. I have worked countless weddings and have been grateful enough to see my work come to life in photography. Unfortunately not all photography is created equal. If post editing work is important to you, please have this conversation up front with your photographers. Not only that, but the quality of your pictures will primarily be based upon your photographers skill set, the quality of camera, lighting and so much more!

3. If possible, come with a freshly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized face. Fortunately, I am also an aesthetician, and have access for my clients to cleanse their skin if needed. However, your makeup artist may not have this ability and nothing is worse than having your makeup done, and the skin immediately feels heavy and oily because it was not cleansed properly.

4. Ensure your facial waxing ( ie: brow and lip) has been done approximately a week prior. If you do it the day of or the day before for example, sometimes, the makeup will not stick well to the waxed areas because the skin is almost too silky. Also, when you are freshly waxed it will give you a better idea as to what you will look like for the actual day of your wedding.

5. If you are wanting to bring your besties with you to your trial, ask your makeup artist how big their studio space is. Some makeup artists may work out of a tiny space where they can only accommodate one additional guest. My workspace can accommodate 2 additional guests comfortably.

Hopefully this small checklist will better prepare you for your bridal makeup trial. This experience should be fun, inspiring, and professional. Good luck!

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Products for the Lips

Sometimes it can be challenging to think of useful yet tiny gifts to fill your bff’s or girlfriend’s stocking with!

Here are my top 5 lip products that are perfect for the holiday season and will leave those lips looking beautiful and feeling nourished.

1. My personal favorite go to lip gloss for pretty much any occasion is MAC Lip Glass in Nymphette. It’s petite size is perfect for the stocking and better yet a clutch, purse, diaper bag… you name it, it fits!


2. Another holiday must have for the stocking is yet another MAC Lip Glass in Russian Red. The color is bold and luxurious and is the perfect color for that New Year’s Eve Party. Again, tiny and functional and also super cute… a perfect addition to a stocking!


3. The precious EOS sphere in Sweet Mint. Don’t you just want one every time you see the commercials?! So cute and functional for any occasion, the shea butter and vitamin e provide long lasting nourishment.


4. Even the name, Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh sounds amazing. This exfoliating based treatment will polish lips leaving them looking and feeling smooth. Pair above with the eos sphere and those lips will be spoiled!


5. From my favorite professional skin care line, Rhonda Allison’s Eye and Lip Renew Serum. Vitamin C and A provide antioxidant support and help to increase collagen production while cholesterol liquid crystals provide ultimate moisture.


Jena Irby nominated for Best Wedding Hair and Makeup Team

View More: http://steshajordan.pass.us/rahtz-wedding

I am excited to be apart of a hair and makeup team called Dual Vanity who has been nominated by Arizona Foothills Magazine for Best Wedding Hair and Makeup Team 2015!

I am grateful and inspired by the other nominees in this category and humbled to be included amongst such talent. I love doing what I do, and being apart of a bride’s wedding day is truly special.

Thank you to those who have supported me and I look forward to servicing brides across the valley this upcoming wedding season and future ones to come! Please keep in mind that I do book 6+ months out in many instances, so please inquire about your day as soon as possible if you are interested in makeup or both makeup and hair by Dual Vanity.

If you would like to vote for Dual Vanity, please do so HERE.

On Location Pinetop Arizona Makeup Artist

 View More: http://jasmineamber.pass.us/eggen View More: http://jasmineamber.pass.us/eggen

View More: http://jasmineamber.pass.us/eggenGoing on location for bridal makeup is one of my greatest pleasures and having the ability to travel all over Arizona is such a perk of the job! Especially when the wedding is in the month of June and will be up north in Pinetop! A definite 20+ degrees cooler than Phoenix! The above pictures were taken by Jasmine Amber Photography at the Pinetop Country Club and are breath taking! There is just something so magical about the greenery, the rustic woods and of course the joy that is beaming through the eyes of this beautiful bride!

Here is a recent summer bride of mine, Miss Lauren! She was such a pleasure to work with and a true beauty inside and out! Her vision for her day of bridal makeup was “natural glam” and I think we nailed it! We opted for an airbrush foundation that can be applied as light or as full coverage as desired, we then used shimmery hues of golds to stick with a more natural vibe. We additionally highlighted her skin with an iridescent highlighting product to give her skin an extra bridal glow. To complete Lauren’s look we used a softer false eyelash option and mirrored the natural lip color with a similar liner, lipstick, and gloss.

To get an idea of Lauren’s makeup experience, you can view her Yelp Review HERE or read below:

“Jena did my makeup & my entire bridal party for my wedding, and everybody looked flawless! I’m very fair and don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I was very nervous about finding the right fit for my wedding day (I didn’t want to look like a completely different person). She did a perfect job and made me look beautiful yet natural. She did both airbrush and traditional makeup on my bridesmaids, and they both looked stunning.

Jena would respond to my emails within an hour and was so easy to get a hold of. She would answer all of my questions and was super personable. Jena was on time and gave me great recommendations for my big day. 

I received so many compliments on my and my bridesmaids makeup. The photographer was impressed and I can’t wait to see the photos so I can share with everybody. I highly recommend Jena, she is amazing! If I ever need my makeup professionally done again, I will definitely use her.”

To inquire about on location makeup artistry for your on location Arizona wedding, please do so! I would love to chat with you and discuss your visions for your wedding day!

2014 Arizona Best of Makeup Artist Awards and Recognition

I am so grateful to be able to do what Iove! I am humbled to have looked back at this previous year to date and acknowledge some of the recognition given to Aesthetics by Jena from fellow peers. Thank you for the continued support!

See below for the most recent award, Best of the City awarded by Luxury Modern Scottsdale Magazine.

For the online issue, please check it out HERE

Recognition & Awards:

Luxury Modern Scottsdale Magazine, Best of the City Makeup Artist 2014


Wedding Wire, Couples Choice Award 2014


AZ Foothills, Best of Valley Hair and Makeup Team 2014