False Lashes for your Wedding Day


My clients always ask me about false eyelash application and options simply because there is a very thin line between fabulous and terrible. As many clients would say… “I don’t want too look like a prostitute!”

So here are some of my secrets:

1. First of all, more expensive is not always better! My makeup kit is primarily MAC, but when it comes to lashes, I have found the brands like above, Salon Perfect or Ardell to be amazing! There are so many size variances and shapes when it comes to an eye, so selecting the correct size is critical.  Any lash that is too long or heavy looking can literally age someone 10 plus years. The point of a false lash is to define and accentuate the eye and often when a lash does not fit the eye properly, it can actually drag the face down as opposed to giving it an open eyed, fresh appearance.

2. Most lashes, despite the brand, whether purchased from Sally’s or another beauty supply store are categorized by the same number or name and if they are not, you can still find the exact same lash, it just may be called something different. For example the style “Demi 101” may be the exact same lash but in different packaging from a different company.

3. Some of my favorite style #s for a bolder look are: Demi 101 and 102, and 105. For a very natural look, I like 53 (pictured above) and 110. These are style numbers from Salon Perfect, but may be the same for another brand as well. If not, bring you favorite pair of lashes when you shop next and compare style numbers to brands so you know in the future what your go to’s are.

4. Lashes are the very last piece or makeup to apply (other than lips). Curl your lashes and apply mascara FIRST. You can even heat up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer to give them a bit more of a curl. Make sure to test the heat of the curler on your wrist before applying to the eye area- it can get very hot quickly!

5. Apply false lashes after this. If you have the right style # for your eye shape, they will blend flawlessly and you do not need to apply mascara to the actual false lashes. By doing it this way, the look will appear more natural. Or you can apply a little mascara to the tips of the falsies. Just be cautious of them looking clumpy. Clumpy and thick is not a youthful look!

6. Lastly, the false lash must be directly in the lash line or will not look or feel right. This is the hardest part to achieve when doing it on your own. I suggest prior to starting your makeup, you measure the false lashes’ width compared to your eye. You will want to cut off any excess lash width. it is better to have them be too short width wise versus too long or they will not sit properly on the eye!

Best of luck! Remember, less is usually more. The purpose of false lashes is to provide YOUTH!

Bridal Makeup and Wedding Videography in Arizona

It can be very challenging sticking to a budget for your wedding! Often we find ourselves prioritizing what it is that we find to be most important and creating a list from that point as to what are musts and maybes for the big day!

I respect everyone’s priority list as certain attributes may be extremely important to one bride, and maybe not to another. However, 2 of the most important and sometimes last thoughts of consideration are having a professional makeup artist and videographer for the actual wedding day! Typically I have found that these 2 options are often the last to be considered for the big day as understandably selecting venue, photographer, caterer, etc. are most often amongst the first on the “to do” list.
That being said, I can’t urge a bride enough to have her makeup professionally done from a qualified makeup artist. Regardless, a bride will be beautiful on her wedding day as she will undoubtably have a glow from hopefully being on a natural love high! But as you can see in the video above from Amore Films, makeup (and hair) play a huge role in the outcome of the video as well as photography. That extra glam factor is now there and for a day, the bride can feel just what it’s like to be a movie star/celebrity and be pampered!
Also, how amazing is this wedding video?! How cool would it be to be able to look back at this video on every anniversary to come?! Having such a video is priceless and can be passed on from generation to generation. Not only will you have professional photos, but a video will capture actual real time emotion, personalities, conversations and love! If you can, do try to budget for these 2 wedding day attributes! You will never regret having your makeup done and your magical day of moments be captured via video!

And from another professional perspective, “why” from a videographer’s standpoint is it critical to have professional makeup done?

Here is Kyle Smith of Amore Films take on its importance:

“From an image creators perspective, it can ultimately make or break the quality of the image. There is a hands down obvious difference between a bride/client who does her own makeup versus having someone do it professionally. Color pallets, clumpy lashes, and blending techniques are the last thing a bride should worry about. Not only does a professional makeup artist have the tools and experience to get the job done with ease, but it ultimately takes pressure off the bride. It’s your big day, pamper yourself!”

Airbrush Makeup for your Wedding


Lisa Eley Photography

View More: http://amyandjordan.pass.us/macturkwedding

 Amy and Jordan Photography


About Love Inspired Photography

Above are 3 fabulous brides of mine who selected airbrush makeup for their wedding day!

All of them LOVED the results, and by the pictures I can see why! Here is why it may be a great option for you:

The more I use my airbrush gun, the more I am loving it for brides this wedding season! As a makeup artist, honing your skill set with one of these systems is the best way to provide your clients with the best results. Often people ask me if it will look too heavy or feel greasy, and I think this is because of previous experiences or stories they have heard regarding someone who has had airbrush makeup that did not like it. Once again, a makeup artist with a honed skill set in this type of makeup application is critical because yes it can very easily be applied too heavy or unevenly. With practice and skill, airbursh makeup should look flawless, feel light weight, and be water resistant for your wedding day.

Water resistance is one of the many features of airbrush makeup, and specifically why I recommend it to my Arizona brides. It can be quite hot as the seasons transition here, and although airbrush is not waterproof, it does have a longevity that traditional makeups can not always offer. Airbrush is also a great option because with a larger wedding party, makeup applications start earlier in the day and once again, because of the products water resistant quality, the longevity is there.

Additionally, applying makeup out of an airbrush gun allows me to taper the makeup through the neck and onto the declote a little easier. It can still be done with traditional makeup and a brush application, but often can not be achieved as flawlessly simply because of how small the makeup particles come out of the airbrush gun.

On another note, contouring should still be done when having airbrush makeup applied. I like to do the “highlighting” both before and after the airbrush application (a makeup artist would typically not use the airbrush makeup up into the lower eye area or on top), and then applying some of the “shadows” post airbrush or by sometimes adding a darker makeup shade to my gun and applying as needed.

Both traditional and airbrush application are a great option for your wedding day as it comes down to the skill set of the makeup artist. However, if you have not tried airbrush, I highly recommend this as an option provided all of the positive feedback from my brides who have had it done.

Best Arizona Makeup Artist Nominee

WOW! I am so grateful and humbled to have been nominated by Arizona Foothills Magazine BEST OF Wedding Hair and Makeup Team, along with my girlfriend!

We had no idea we were even nominated until a few weeks after voting had begun, so we need to catch up!

Check the link out HERE and vote for Dual Vanity!

Voting will take place until November 30th 2013 and you can vote ONCE A DAY!

Your continued support is so appreciated – I LOVE what I do and am honored to be apart of a bride’s special day. Thank you all for your referrals and helping me grow my business to where it is today! XO ~ J


Airbrush Makeup Tips for the Bride

Are you trying to determine whether traditional or airbrush makeup is right for you? Some things to consider…

1. Have you or will you have atleast 1-3 facial treatments from a licensed professional leading up to your big day?

This is something I highly suggest. Because airbrush makeup tends to have a more mattifying look due to its more water resistant quality, thus enabling it to sometimes last longer than traditional makeup, it is critical that your skin is hydrated and any dead skin build up is removed.

2. Are you oily or dry?

This may not be the determining factor in what type of makeup you ultimately choose as my suggestion regarding facials above can remedy this, but if you do have an extremely dehydrated/dry skin, we want to ensure that the makeup does not settle into those less forgiving dehydrated lines and pores. As mentioned, this is actually a pretty easy fix and even with just one skin care treatment, the skin can improve significantly and provide the critical hydration needed.

If you are more oily, airbrush is a great option to help mattify any shine, but once again, it is still very important that any dead skin build up is removed prior to application. This will allow for the makeup (regardless of traditional or airbrush) to stay on longer and not build up or look greasy.

Here is one of my brides who did do my “bridal bootcamp” and had 4 facial treatments leading up to her wedding day-the last treatment being dermaplaning. We did use airbrush makeup on her which as you can see from the picture taken just on my iphone how natural, yet full coverage, the makeup looked on her fresh and hydrated skin. Contouring was of course used to give the skin additional highlighting and shadowing as desired and the bride’s own beautiful energy just shined through!

So if you are debating between the two options, I would love to discuss with you! Both are fabulous and if a true skilled makeup artist professional is doing your makeup, you will look beautiful regardless! But sometimes the airbrush may be a better fit so you can dance the night away and feel confident in the longevity of your makeup.1001567_540922345982568_1947601117_n

Spring Wedding Reflecting

Wow! I can’t believe that I have kicked off Fall/Winter Wedding season already! My Spring brides were simply amazing and I am so honored to have been apart of their day. I didn’t want to forget about them quite yet as they were all so dear to my heart so this morning I have reflected on some of the stand out venues I was able to experience this past spring and have highlighted some of my favorite places to do bridal makeup in Arizona.

Spring kicked off to an awesome start and I was able to able to experience the Hotel Valley Ho’s stunning suites where I glammed a bridal party of 6. I LOVED the decor of this hotel; not only did in create great ambiance for applying makeup but it was a photographers’ picture perfect dream to capture “getting ready” shots as well as pre-ceremony bridal picture pics. Here is one of my brides, Whitney (Terry McKaig Photography). Check out the colors, the lighting, EVERYTHING is perfect. 20 years from now, you want to be able to look back at your pictures and be so grateful and happy with your decision- professional makeup artistry is just the cherry on top of your picture perfect back drop!

1017215_10102570813970091_1594111070_n 7470_10102570817058901_1277243430_n 936405_10102570816914191_311070310_n

I also had the pleasure of doing makeup for two weddings at the Montelucia this past Spring. I may even be bold enough to say that this is my all time favorite wedding venue. It truly takes you back in time to a magical moment of stillness with Camelback Mountain as your view. There is just something so special about this property!

The following venues I was also able to experience and cannot say enough GREAT things about! If I didn’t LOVE them, I wouldn’t list them here:

1. L’auberge (Sedona)

2. Fox Crossings (Munds Park)

3. The Secret Garden

4. Windmill Winery

5. Sassi

Like I said, WOW! Fall/Winter Wedding time is here and I can’t wait to glam all of my one of a kind brides and their loved ones! Spring 2014 will be here before we know it!

The Perfect Brow Pencil

The Perfect Eyebrow is everything! It can literally change your entire face and give you an instant eye lift.

It definitely starts with a highly qualified aesthetician to wax, shape and clean them up. Next, you will want to fill your eyebrows in to create more definition. This definition allows there to be a heavier contrast between the brow, the brow bone and the upper eyelid (think of complementary colors- when next to one another, they make the other color “pop”. Same goes for a defined brow when next to your skin- the brows will “pop” more). What will even create more of a beautiful contrast will be to use a “highlight” eyeshadow of some kind to further define the brow. Some of my favorite MAC eyeshadows that are great for highlighting are: Vanilla, Nylon, and Dazzlelight.

Here are two pictures, one a previous bride of mine and another bride’s bridesmaid. As you can see, we defined both ladies eyebrows by filling them in and giving them more shape, additionally by using a eyeshadow to highlight below the brow.



On another note, I have found that blondes always are hesitant to fill their brows in, which is totally understandable. Being that I am a blonde too, we are fearful of it looking too painted on and too dramatic. But I have found the perfect pencil! I personally use MAC’s Fling brow pencil and I have yet to find a better color or texture in a pencil.

Here are my 2 essential eyebrow musts for any blonde or lighter brunette bride or makeup client to complete the overall look of their makeup (because even a little bit of filling in the eyebrow goes such a long way, especially for photography purposes):

 1. MAC’s Fling or Lingering for light to darker blondes and some brunettes. 2. MAC’s Brow Finisher



Airbrush Makeup in Arizona

ninja jet iwata airbrush

Aesthetics by Jena is thrilled to now offer professional airbrush makeup services to her clients and brides! Why you ask? Let’s discuss the differences between airbrush and traditional makeup application and determine which may be best for you!

Prior to this purchase, I felt indifferent about airbrush. I had seen some great work by makeup artists who used airbrush, but I had also seen some not so great work. My biggest concern was how thick and drying it had looked on some skin types, and in some cases I felt the makeup even settled into the pores and actually made the women’s facial lines appear more- not a good look! But once again, I had seen some really great work, so my research began! I was fortunate enough to have connected with another makeup artist who does fabulous airbrush work, and she was able to recommend and train me on certain brands, products, etc! I am so grateful to have met her and can’t thank her enough for the wisdom! I learned that not all machines or  “guns” are created equal and the actual technique of the application is critical to achieve a natural yet flawless finish. So next it was time to invest in my airbrush machine!

My machine in particular is an Iwata, one of the most widely respected and used products amongst professional makeup artists. It delivers superior, lightweight and natural-looking results – even under the scrutiny of high definition. All you see and feel is beautiful skin. It is pretty fabulous!

However, I do not recommend it for everyone. Because the makeup used is highly water resistant and the setting affect can lean more towards the dryer side, airbrush makeup is best on a hydrated healthy skin type. If you suffer from sever dehydration or have a lot of dead skin build up, airbrush may not be best for you. That being said, there are some great facial treatment options that can help hydrate and moisturize the skin allowing for a better makeup canvas (which as you know, I can provide you with).

Traditional makeup application is still a great option! The MAC foundations I use in addition to my brush and technique, still provides a flawless finish and will leave the skin looking beautiful.

Regardless of which option you decide, my goal is to have your natural glow and beauty come to life and help you feel more beautiful than ever on your wedding day or special event!

Bridal Makeup at The Montelucia in Arizona

I can safely say that The Montelucia located in Arizona is one of my all time favorite spots to do bridal makeup!  Not too shabby of an atmosphere to get a bride and her bridal party ready!

Here is one of my recent brides Andrea, photographed by the talented Largo Photography! It was such an honor to be apart of Andrea’s magical wedding day and I cannot ever express enough gratitude to any bride I work with.

Having done 4 weddings at The Montelucia, I highly recommend this property! Even if you do not have your ceremony here, it is still such a great place to sleep the night before with your loved ones and to get ready on your big day!



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